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Save Water, Save Lives
Water being the main asset to life has been scarce. There has been an outcry that north Karantaka is grossly neglected.  There are nearly 120 talukas which are reeling under drought and North Karnataka appears to be the worst hit. The Krishna basin has been so severely affected that it has taken a hit on drinking water too. The biggest reservoir in the region, the Almatti, too has recorded 23 thousand million cubic (TMC) of less water this year when compared to previous years.
Residents of Bagalkot and Bijapur in North Karnataka are undergoing the worst possible situation in the last 40 years.

The water crisis in North Karnataka has not only taken a hit on humans, but there is equal suffering for the cattle and the live stock as well. In the areas of Belgaum water is being supplied everyday in nearly 150 tankers. Belgaum, for example, used to face water crisis in just nine villages, but this year nearly 23 villages in the area have been hit due to bad rainfall. The problem is similar in the areas of Bagalkot, Dharwad and Bijapur, Gadag and Haveri, according to statistics.

The northern part of Karnataka is always the most affected when there is a drought. Hubli in particular is a worst case example of urban governance. The twin cities of Hubli and Dharwad have a population of 18 lakh. There are 65 wards here but 24 hour-water supply is restricted to just 5 wards. The rest of the wards depend on the government installed water taps which give water only once in 15 days.

Take the case of Gulbarga, Raichur, Koppal, Gadag and Bellary which are also in North Karnataka. All these areas have been getting drinking water once in 21 days. There may be constant water supply, but there are two qualities of water that is available here. While pure drinking water is available once in 21 days the other type of water which is high in salts is suitable only for washing purpose and is available more often in open wells.

Bore Wells For Public
As we all of us know that the North Karnataka is the always shortage of drinking water . Touch for life foundation founder Mr.Nara Bharath Reddy has noticed this issue and he started working on the project “Save Water, Save Lives”. This drinking water project helps to identify the drinking water requirement in North Karnataka and pitch the water resource needed .This project has a mission to dig more than 1000 bore wells in 5 years period .We already digged more the 60 deep bore wells in and around Bellary and Koppal district which are approximately 600 feet deep (180 meters) and bring safe water to thousands of people. These complex water projects requires a deep drilling rig and extensive pipe work to bring clean water to the surface.

Flagand Bore Well Opening
Bore Well
Devanagere Bore
Fort Bore
Water Supply
Water is an essential resource for life and good health. A lack of water to meet daily needs is a reality today for people around the world. Globally, the problem is getting worse as cities and populations grow, and the needs for water increase in agriculture, industry and households. Due to lack of water , people of  Bellary also suffered during last summer. More than 400 water tankers participated to supply the water to the people of  Bellary. More than 20,000 people got benefited from this water supply programme. The initiative for this programme was taken by the founder of Touch For Life Mr. Nara Bharath Reddy.
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